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Chef Giovanni

Chef Giovanni makes and sells delicious, world-famous, award-winning Seasoned Nuts, featuring Marcona Almonds and Cashews, and sells award-winning Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces and Wing Sauces!

Chef Giovanni ACCEPTS Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and other contactless methods!

We also accept Credit AND Debit Cards! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Union Pay!  💳

Wowww! We even accept CASH!  💵

There is NEVER a surcharge for using any payment method.

Chef Giovanni is a now a FOUR-TIME (2018, 2019, 2020, and now, 2021)

Best of Long Island nominee!

Voting begins Oct 1, and ends December 15

You can vote once per day per e-mail address,

so vote early and often! 

Chef Giovanni ships to anywhere in the US! 

Please note that shipping costs are an estimate: 

If actual postage is LESS than the estimate, I WILL issue a refund on any amount of $1 or more.

If the actual postage is MORE than the estimated cost, that's OK.

HOWEVER, due to the website's continued frequent inability to process estimated shipping costs accurately,

I have revised pricing to include the estimated postage. 

No worries, I will process the estimated costs as above.

Sorry, the Military / First Responders' Discount is only available at live events.

This site is in progress.  Please pardon the generic photos.


Great news! 

After nearly an entire summer, Chef Giovanni again has MOST of his Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces back in stock!

EVERYTHING is back, except for Fiery Habanero

At this time, there is no approximate "return to stock" date for that one.

Chef Giovanni apologizes for the inconvenience.

NEW! We now have ULTRA-HOT Quantum Ghost Pepper, Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces! 

Like the others, there are NO extracts, preservatives, artificial colors, or gluten-containing ingredients! 

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