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Chef Giovanni

Chef Giovanni makes and sells delicious, world-famous, award-winning Seasoned Nuts, featuring Marcona Almonds and Cashews, as well as award-winning Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces and Wing Sauces!

Chef Giovanni ACCEPTS Apple Pay and Android Pay!

We also accept Credit AND Debit Cards! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover!  💳

Wowww! We even accept CASH!  💵

Chef Giovanni was a TWO-TIME (2018 and 2019) Best of Long Island nominee!

Great Gift Idea!

Chef Giovanni's Gift Certificates make great gifts! They never expire, are available in any denomination, and can be used for all merchandise.

Don't give a big-box store gift card, when you can give the gift of

Seasoned Marcona Almonds, Cashews, Mixed Nuts, Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces, or Wing Sauces!

Chef Giovanni ships to anywhere in the US! 

Please note that shipping costs are an estimate: 

If actual postage is LESS than the estimate, I WILL issue a refund on any amount of $1 or more.

If the actual postage is MORE than the estimated cost, that's OK

Sorry, the Military / First Responders' Discount is only available at live events.

This site is in progress.  Please pardon the generic photos.


Chef Giovanni is NOW a vendor at the 3-Village Farmers' Market, at 93 North Country Rd, Setauket, New York 

I'll be there Fridays from 3 - 7p, until Sept 13

Chef Giovanni's NEWEST FLAVOR of Marcona Almonds is Jalapeño!  Loaded with Organic Jalapeño Pepper, it will get the party started!

Our newest flavor of Cashews is Brownie!  More Chocolate flavor, and great Cashew texture!

The newest flavor of Unsalted Cashews is Lemon-Ginger!  Chef Giovanni loves this flavor combination!

They are currently exclusively available at our Farmers' Markets, other Live Events, and, of course, here on the website!

Please welcome our NEWEST RETAILER, Get Healthy America!, on Manetto Hill Rd, in Plainview


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