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Chef Giovanni introduced his moderately spicy--and extremely popular--Cayenne & Curry Cashews in 2011. These won a Yellow Ribbon at the Islip Americana Fair!

Chef Giovanni brought out Unsalted Lemon-Ginger Cashews in 2019. His other varieties are Unsalted Rosemary & Tomato and Unsalted Cinnamon.

These nuts, like Chef Giovanni’s Marcona Almonds, are all-natural, and hand-made in artisanal batches. They are made with all GMO-free Organic (and Kosher) spices, and are produced on dedicated gluten-free equipment.

Chef Giovanni produces NINE flavors of Cashews to suit every taste! Looking for Salt-free? We've got 'em!


Brownie, Sea-Salt, Oniony, Cayenne & Curry, Chipotle, and Scorpion's Sting


Unsalted Cinnamon and Unsalted Lemon-Ginger

Ask for them from one of our great retailers, or pick them up at one of our Farmers' Markets or other events! (We ship outside local area.)

Available in 9 oz ($16) and 4.5 oz ($10)

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