Marcona Almonds

Marcona almonds, sometimes called the “Queen of Almonds,” have traditionally been only grown in Spain, but now are available domestically in limited quantities.

They are an elite almond, set apart from the familiar “California” almond, by being softer, milder in flavor, and rounder.

Since 2010, Chef Giovanni has developed many great-tasting and popular varieties of seasoned Marcona almonds, one of which won a Blue Ribbon--at Islip’s Americana Fair.

These all-natural nuts are hand-made in artisanal batches. They are made with GMO-free Organic herbs and spices.

We sell only the freshest Marcona Almonds!  They are seasoned with GMO-Free, Organic (and Kosher) herbs and spices, and are completely free of gluten-containing ingredients. They are  produced on dedicated gluten-free equipment.

My newest flavor is "Chocolate Marcona Almonds"!

Ask for them from one of our great retailers, or pick them up at one of our Farmers' Markets or other events! (We ship outside local area.)

Available in 9 oz ($14) and 4.5 oz ($8)

Marcona Almonds 9 oz
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